Men's Fantasies and Myths

Top 10 Male Sexual Fantasies

When it comes to sexual fantasies, men have got themselves covered. Given that men sometimes fantasize about their girlfriends' friends and fantasize about their girlfriends with their own guy friends, it's a pretty safe bet that most, if not all, men share the following fantasies. And the beauty of sex fantasies is that they can remain just that; there's no need to actually realize them because the thought alone is enough to satisfy a man. Unless, of course, there are women out there who are willing to go all the way in order to satisfy their man.

Top 10 Sexual Myths about Men

This section looks at few of the myths that pertain specifically to male sexuality. It includes both information and some questions you may want to reflect upon, whether you're male or female.

The myths regarding male sexuality have been particularly tenacious because men have traditionally not talked about their sexual feelings and experiences honestly and openly with each other.

Our culture has perpetuated these myths and makes it difficult for men to admit to any lack of knowledge or experience, and this has lead to feelings of isolation and inadequacy for many men.

There have been positive signs recently that this is changing. The men's movement is beginning to redefine what it means to be a man, and qualities of gentleness, caring, and vulnerability are becoming more valued.

More men are beginning to discuss their sexuality more openly, and this can only benefit both the men themselves and their partners.

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