Woman's G-Spot


Woman's G-Spot

he Woman's G-spot has been, you may be surprised to learn, has been the subject of debate for many years.

The G-spot is an area located a few inches up inside the vagina near a woman's stomach. Glands located in this area produce a watery substance which is expelled during female ejaculation. The tissue surrounding these glands swells with blood during sexual arousal producing an orgasm different from those produced by clitoral stimulation.

G-spot Location

Many women and men want to locate the female's G-spot to help increase sexual pleasure, or maybe you just want to know where it is. Here are a few tips to help you easily find your G-spot.

TIP #1:empty your bladder before playing
With continued stimulation, you may feel a sensation much like having to urinate. Although uncomfortable for some, this sensation is perfectly normal and may be followed by female ejaculation.

TIP #2:Get into position
Have your woman lie on her back and place a pillow under herur head and a towel or pillow under her buttocks. Bend her knees and spread your legs until you are in plain site of her vagina.

TIP #3:Apply oil or lubricant
Pour a small amount of oil or lubricant around yoher vagina and clitoris, this will begin to create arousal and anticipation. Lightly massage the oil into her genital area. Spend a bit of time arousing to make it easier to find the G-spot.

TIP #4:Find the G-spot
Place your palm face up in front of her vulva and insert a finger inside her vagina bending it forward and pressing upward, make a "come hither" motion with your finger. It's important to use firm pressure when trying to locate her G-spot. About 2 inches up you should feel a bump or ridged area on the upper wall of her vagina, feels a little like the roof of your mouth. This area is usually only about 1 inch in diameter. Remember, when you stimulate her G-spot it will produce a very strong sensation.
Some women find stimulating their G-spot uncomfortable at first. Experiment with different pressure and movements to find what feels best for her.

TIP #5:Keep plenty of towels handy.
Female ejaculation can produce a large amount of fluid emission. The fluid is not urine, but a watery substance produced by glands located in the G-spot area.

TIP #6:Invest in Toys
There are all kinds of toys created specifically to target the Woman's G-spot, so be prepared to take the whole experience to a new level…

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