Womans Masturbation


Data From Alfred Kinsey's Studies 1948 - 1953

62% of females reported that they had masturbated (p. 142, Female)
45% of females who reported having masturbated indicated that they could reach orgasm within 3 minutes (p. 163, Female)

Masturbation techniques reported by females:
84% used clitoral and labial manipulation
20% used vaginal insertion
11% used breast stimulation
10% used thigh pressure
5% muscular tension
2% had fantasy alone to reach orgasm
11% used other techniques (p. 189, Female)

Masturbation was the most important sexual outlet for single females and the second most important sexual outlet for married females, providing: 7-10% of orgasms for those 16-40 (p. 525, 532, Female).

Masturbation Techniques - Just for You

Have you been trying to get yourself off with no success? Check out the different techniques below. Yea I know masturbation is usually by yourself, BUT try these with your partner/lover. Try each one and find out which are the best, the most enjoyable, and then teach your willing partner, for you OR for her.

On the Q-tip
First of all you may want a friend for some help, but all you do is get a Q-tip and put some Vaseline or lube on it, then you sit with your legs spread. Pull the hood of your clit back and rub the Q-tip lightly over just your little clit. Then either you or your friend can put a vibrator inside of you until you are cumming with delight!

Slip 'n' Slide
Wrap a bunched up towel with Saran Wrap and put lube on it. It makes for a serious orgasmic experience. Put a few pillows together, place the wet, slippery towel on them and then ride it! It feels so naughty.

Dildo Sculpture
Go to an art store and buy some Plastiline clay .It's gray, and comes in blocks, about 4 lbs. Mold it into any shape dick you like, and stick a condom on it. Then you can use it as a dildo. The good thing is, you can always remold this clay. It's very realistic feeling.

Baster Suction
Take the rubber bulb off a turkey baster and place it over your clit. Then squeeze it and release to create suction on your clit. It feels just like someone is sucking your pussy.

Just Bead It!
I get a Mardi Gras necklace (beads) and cut it so it's one long string. Then I put it between my legs and hold it with one hand in front and one hand behind me. I saw it back and forth over my clit until I cum. It's amazing and cheaper than a vibrator.

Kodak Moment
Get an empty film cylinder, one of the little plastic ones. Lick the rim of it and put it over your clit. Squeeze the sides and it creates a suction. Gently flick it while you put the end of a hairbrush in your pussy. Also works well in the shower when you fill it with warm water.

Carrot on Clit
Lie on the bed and bend your legs so that your feet are flat on the mattress with your knees pointing up. Close your legs tight. Take a medium-size carrot and lube it with olive oil or baby oil. You may drop a little oil directly on your clit. Insert the carrot in your slit so that it doesn't go inside your vagina but is rubbing your clit. Start slow, then go very fast and keep rubbing it. The faster you rub the more pleasure you get. When you feel you are cumming, close your legs more tightly and lift up your hips and keep rubbing. You will have a great orgasm.

Frosty Freeze
Take a butter knife with a rounded handle and put it in the refrigerator. When it gets nice and cold, take the knife out and stick the handle in your pussy. The coldness will feel really good inside and against your clit.

More Shower Power
Turn on the shower and adjust the temperature to your liking. Get on all fours and position yourself in the shower stream so it massages your ass while teasing your nipples. Then turn the faucet on and lie on your back underneath it. Let it pulsate on your asshole and then let it massage your clit until you explode.

Maxi-mum Pleasure
Get a maxi pad and soak it in some warm-to-hot water then put into to your panties. Ride something, like the edge of the tub. Go as fast or as slow as you like. Sometimes you have to stop and warm it up with some more water, but the warm, wet pressure is great!

Venus Razor Fan
Take a nice hot bath, and then put your Venus razor to work. Insert the handle end of it into your vagina turned sideways. Then as it gets pretty deep, turn it over with the rubber part downward. Start slow but then get super super super fast. Those ridges are spectacular!

Shampoo Bottle's Many Uses
Take an empty shampoo bottle. Don't stick it in our anything, just fill it up with warm water, then squirt it on your clit. Also, when it's empty, squeeze it, then put it on your clit. Release it and it'll give a nice good suck.

Dildo Tease
What I like to do is with a dildo, rub it against my clit with a massaging motion. Then I tease myself by putting the head of the dildo inside me then taking it out and rubbing it against my clit again. I do this until it just drives me crazy until I put the whole dildo inside me.

That's the Spot
Find a smooth curved object (I like to use a butter knife handle) and insert it into your pussy while lightly touching your clit. When you feel you are ready to cum, wiggle the knife handle and push it up until it presses the vagina wall on the pubic hair side and put more pressure on your clit. If you get lucky enough to find your G-spot you will feel like you have a huge cock inside you.

Fingers in Motion
Put a rubber band or condom over 3 or 4 fingers so they get pushed close together and on top of each other. Then bang them into yourself. With your other hand you can finger your anus or clitty.

That's the Spot
Find a smooth curved object (I like to use a butter knife handle) and insert it into your pussy while lightly touching your clit. When you feel you are ready to cum, wiggle the knife handle and push it up until it presses the vagina wall on the pubic hair side and put more pressure on your clit. If you get lucky enough to find your G-spot you will feel like you have a huge cock inside you.

I bought a mini vibrator and can sit anywhere with it in and work and no one knows, the longer it's in the hotter and wetter I get. Only cost $17.00 whilst in Canada - and it's fantastic .I cooked dinner for a friend of my husband the other night and no one even guessed why I had such a smile on my face .A good battery lasts about 6 hours - I can only take it for maybe 4 hours then I've just got to CUMMMMMMMMM!

Sit on It
Put a pillow on a chair. Place a Venus butterfly or another battery-operated toy on the pillow. Straddle the chair so that you can hold on to the back and lower yourself onto your vibrator so that it touches your clit. Turn on your vibrator and move back and forth. Since it's hands free, I've had some knock your socks off orgasms this way! My knees are usually very weak but since I'm sitting down anyway it's no problem.

Lie in an empty bathtub. Spread your legs wide and turn on the faucet to a lukewarm, yet on the colder side temperature. Scoot down to a position where the constant flow of the water is on your clit. Position your arms so your elbows are holding you up, and I like to keep my hands wedged under my butt (this adds more pressure I think). As you start getting hotter and hotter, change the temperature to more of a hot one, and enjoy! Gives great orgasms almost every time! I don't recommend filling the bathtub up first, this gives too much water and the hot water runs out quickly leaving you with freezing cold left which numbs your clit.

Sit on it - 2
I like to sit on the washer when it goes really fast and it vibrates until I can't stand it. I sit on it for at least 5 minutes it feels really good.

Toys 'r' Us
The best is when you use a dildo and a vibrator at the same time. First you start with a little lotion and the dildo. Put the lotion on the dildo and gently insert into your pussy. Then when you start getting really hot, you grab the vibrator and start rubbing your clitoris with it. Try climaxing as many times as you can, the more the better. Flex, Relax, Flex, Relax
Take your index and middle finger and place them on your clit. Harden the muscles in your legs as much as you can and imagine your hips are being pushed back. Now take the two fingers on your clit and move them back and forth, while still pressing on your clit. Then once you get the hang of it tighten and untighten your legs to give added effect, but not too much. This usually sends me into an orgasm. It's hard to keep this up after the orgasm, but you can place your fingers in a spot slightly above or below your clit to do this again many times.

Portable Vibrating Stationery
Do you know those dizzy doodler pens that vibrate and make those squiggly lines?? Well all you do is take one of them and use the end that is flat. Turn it on and you will be cumming in seconds. This is a clean and easy way. You can even travel with it!

Don't Forget the Veggies
I must have a vegetable fetish. Often times, I find that a ripened cucumber, squash, or broccoli serve as a good replacement for my husband during his business trips. I must say each vegetable has its own distinctive feeling. The cucumber is your typical penis feeling, the squash provides that much wanted girth, and the broccoli (although sometimes messy) provides a unique and tantalizing feeling. P.S. Don't forget to remove them from underneath the bed before he returns.

Tap, Tap, Tap
I like to tap my clit rapidly. Faster and faster and faster. It gets me hot, wet, and when I reach the edge, I rub it hard. Always works. Always.

Hurts So Good
One thing I like doing is to squeeze my breast down to the tip so that the nipple sticks up proud. Then I dig the tip of my fingernail into the tip of my nipple and push it down hard so that the nipple disappears into my breast. It hurts like hell but it is VERY exciting. Then I suddenly release it and the nipple stands up stiffer than ever. My whole breast aches and throbs. Then I do it again. After a few times, I do it to the other nipple. Soon both breasts are throbbing with my pulse and my nipples are sort of twitching. It is SO exciting I get off really quickly after just a few minutes of squeezing my clitoris.

Rushing Water
Lay down in the bath with your legs opened wide. Then open the tap as fast as it goes, (on cold), letting the water run on your clit. Make sure there is a lot of pressure flowing out of the tap. After a few minutes turn the water to a hotter temperature, being careful not to burn yourself. It feels so great, better then sex or a dildo, but make sure your legs are as wide as they can go for maximum effect.

Look, No Hands
When I get really horny, the lips of my vagina get swollen and my clitoris gets puffy. When that happens, I can get into a position so that I can sort of trap the ridge of my clitoris between my lips. By squeezing my thighs together and then releasing them I can get a fantastic sensation round my vulva. If I keep this movement up, I get even hornier and everything gets even more swollen and slimy. It means that I can often get off 'hands free' and so I can fondle my breasts and pinch my nipples at the same time. I can often do this by crossing my legs and pressing my thighs together, and what is more I can often do it in public! That is the ultimate turn-on!!! I can also do it while I'm typing - like right now!

Oral Hygiene
Take an electric toothbrush (preferably one with varying speeds) and turn it on, moving it around your inner thigh until you get nice and wet. Without a little lubrication, this can be kind of uncomfortable. Then bring it right on top of your clit, first to one side, then the other. Usually one side of your clitty is more sensitive than the other .If you REALLY want to drive yourself wild, leave the toothbrush on that side for most of the time .It really feels divine!

Slow Tease
I always start with my nipples because it makes me really horny. I rub my breasts and pinch or role my nipples between my fingers until they are really hard. If I do that for long enough my clit is twitching before I even touch it. I like to lay on my bed naked and after I play with and stroke my tits and nipples. I start stroking myself down to my pussy. I use baby oil on my hands and pussy and I very lightly begin to tease my pussy and clit by stroking around the sides of my clit while only very lightly touching it. I do this for a while and occasionally rub my clit directly, then go back to light touching and teasing it. I do that for as long as I can stand it, and it really drives my wild. I moan so loud I am afraid of being heard. Finally when I know I can't put off climaxing any longer, I rub my clit good and and hard and it is fantastic.

The Pussy Pet
Using enough lube to create a smooth hand-to-pussy connection. Gently pat your clit with your hand flat. Occasionally, hold your hand down, creating pressure and then go back to patting. Eventually, just press and release, not pulling the hand all the way off.

The Sandwich
Hold your clit from its base between two fingers with one hand while stroking it with your other hand (either one finger or more rubbing). The pressure of the stroke is up to you, of course, but continue to maintain the sandwich effect while you rub.

One Girl in a Tub
While you are taking a bath lie on your back with your legs far apart. Then scoot down and let the tub faucet hit your vagina. It feels great!

The Shovel
Using a dildo or other object, pretend your toy is a shovel and you are softly digging. With a forward, gliding motion, slide the toy down to your clit, across it and then upward, removing it from your body completely. Repeat over and over and over until you drive yourself crazy.

Banana Dildo
Take a firm banana, peel it and put in a condom. Tie the end shut and use it like a dildo. It feels great and lifelike except that it gets soft fast, but it's still pretty good.

'V' Is for Vulva
Lie down and use your middle and index fingers on one hand in the shape of a "v" to open your vaginal lips. With the index finger of your other hand go in between the "v" and rub the hood of your clit up, starting off slow and getting harder and harder and harder until you orgasm. The sensation is wonderful!

Stuck Like Glue
Buy a glue stick. It has to be the paper glue kind. They are big...very big. Rub it against your clit. Use the smaller end first, rubbing hard in small circles. (The circles are important!) Do not stick it in until you're about to come. It's fun. It is also a lot cheaper and less embarrassing than a dildo.

Fist and Shout
This is so simple: take whichever hand you use the most, make a fist, and rest your vagina right on top of it. Move yourself onto your fist, and press yourself around it and around it, where your clit is. You'll feel just like you're having sex, without the dick inside you.

Cup O' Water
Instead of taking minutes to get yourself properly positioned in front of your bath tub faucet... just get a big cup and fill it up with hot water. Then lay in the tub with your legs spread apart, slowly pour the water onto you clit and refill it as many times as you need until your orgasm. I've been doing this for years and it works every time.

Clip It
I love to have my nipples pinched while I'm masturbating, but don't have enough hands to do it all, so I use hair clips... the spring-loaded type with the sharp little teeth. Before you buy them, check to make sure they don't clamp too tight. Put them on your nipples, gives you both hands free to play with your pussy and clit.

Table Leg
First you have to be kinda short 5"5" at the highest. Now you also have to have a table that has round legs. Make sure you are wearing something loose...like pajama bottoms. Then prop your elbows on the table and wrap you legs around the leg. Go up and down, up and down. It feels SO great!

For very nice clitoral stimulation take some plastic beads (the one you wear around you neck...like from mardi gras) and cut it so it's one long string. Stand with your legs parted and the beads between them. Pull the beads back and forth to rub against your clit. If you're not wet yet this can be kind of painful so tease yourself a little bit first .It also feels great if you run the beads under water first! The orgasm feels so incredible!

Kitchen Counter
Empty out the kitchen sink. Take the sprayer head off your sink sprayer. Climb up on the counter and scoot to the edge of one side of the sink .Hold on to the sprayer hose tightly and slowly turn on the water till it is on full force (I like the water to be almost scalding hot). Aim the hose at your clit and lean back and cum over and over again .It is even better if you have a friend to hold the hose for you. can lay all the way down on the counter with your pussy hanging over the sink. That way your friend can switch from your clit to insert the water stream in your pussy or over your asshole for added stimulation .I always cum four or five times at least and even had to turn off the water and lay back on the counter once for about 20 minutes before I was able to move.

Press Together
Place the tip of your middle finger on the tip of your clit and place your index and ring fingers beside your clit and press them against the base your clit over and over again (like a pair of tweezers). It's something simple to be done, but the feeling in amazing. It works much better if you only do that when your clit is already hard with excitement.

Bumpy Brush
Get the 'Privado' hair brush, by 'Goody' and stick the handle up your pussy and move it very fast in and out. It feels great because there is a rippled rubber grip right before the bristles which rub again your clit and it feels GREAT!

Ball Rider
I just love finding some really tight fitting underwear and then getting a huge maxi pad and sticking it in. Then I wet myself and get on a soccer ball...basketballs work too...rock back and forth slowly at first, then faster and faster...fucking awesome orgasm. Also, you can wet your pad with hot water and put it on....ooooooh so fun.

Finally Jet Success
I had been trying to get myself off for about week with no success so I "came" looking for help on this page. I tried more than few of these suggestions with no luck until, I read about the bathtub jets! WOW!!! Just as I thought i would never have an orgasm again it came! (In fact it came more than once) I made noises I haven't made ever! I suggest this to anyone and everyone who has the means to try it. It is the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful ideas, I'll keep trying them if you keep adding them.

Come on Baby Drive My Car
I like to masturbate while driving with the cruise control on. The other cars on the road add a bit of excitement for me. Sometimes all it takes is the way my jeans rub against my clit to get me off, I rock back and forth in my car seat but can't move around much and I like that too. Sometimes I sit on a sweatshirt for added clit stimulation. Sometimes if I am really going for it I stick my hand down my pants and massage my clit until I cum .I love road trips...

Baby Got Back Massage
Get one of those back massagers, the ones that have the round vibrating things and different speeds. Put it to your clit and start of slow and then move the speed up until it's as high as it can go. It really works.

On The Rocks
I'm surprised no one has mentioned ice cubes .I love to masturbate with an ice cube inside my vagina. No words can express what the chill inside feels like.

G'day Bidet
Use a bidet and let the water hit your clit. When you begin to climax let the water flow inside of you. It works great!

Bathtub Mania
When the water is running in your bathtub, put your legs up in the air against the wall underneath the faucet. Then spread your lips and let the hard water spray on your clit. It's the best!

Hot Injection
Try using a large syringe (without the needle!). Fill it with warm water and insert it while rubbing your clit. Push it in and out (without releasing the water) until you're ready to climax. As you're coming, squirt the warm water into your pussy with 6 or 7 short bursts, like it's cum.

More Hair Brush
Get a brush with a round handle (condom optional) and slide it in all the way. Then move it around in circles. The bristles will rub your clit.

Double Trouble
I use a clit stimulator along with my dildo. Place the stimulator into position, insert dildo and turn on stimulator to what ever speed you like. It feels great to lay face down on the bed with these devices in me and it gets me to cum rather hard.

Hit the Clit
What works best for me is direct clitoral stimulation. I will wet my fingers from my mouth, from between my legs or with a product, such as K-Y liquid or baby oil. Then I use the first two fingers of both hands to spread the skin a little, the others to stroke. It is fabulous to begin stroking the center of the clitoris, then while continuing the strokes, move them around, then down, below the center of greatest sensitivity, every now and then bringing them stroking right back into the center, up onto the hardest part, then as orgasm approaches, back down....repeating this several times. What it amounts to is a self-tease of sorts and makes the resultant orgasm wonderfully intense. Watching with a mirror close up makes it even more fabulous.....LOL....I just have to be careful not to come too quick, or the intensity of the orgasm is too very reduced.

Two Heads are Better Than One
My boyfriend works out of state so I only see him on the weekends. While going through his stuff I found a double headed back massager .One head stays on my clit and the other right beneath my pussy. I turn it on sit in the rocking chair and start to rock back and forth. It gives me almost an instant orgasm .Its better than sex.

Mirror, Mirror
I like to watch myself rubbi You would be surprised how much watching enhances the experience .I stick two fingers in my pussy and bang myself as hard as possible, then I rub my clit with my other hand, using saliva to wet it .It feels like having sex and being eaten out at the same time. The orgasm is incredible.

More Oral Hygiene
When I masturbate, I find a good solid object to stick inside me. Those traveling toothbrush holders work well and I stick that in completely and either pump that in and out or put it in and slide down in the bath tub and let the water hit my clit while the holder is inside me. Works great cause it's shaped just like a penis.

Take a wet, warm washcloth and put Vaseline on it. Lightly stroke it back and forth over your clit - it is awesome. I tease myself for as long as I can and then I press the washcloth hard against my pussy. The orgasm is warm and slippery.

Playstation Pleasure
For this, you need a Playstation, a vibrating controller and a Metal Gear Solid CD. Use the vibration test in the option menu of the game. Insert the edge of the controller to your pussy or clit, test the vibration and enjoy!

I like to take the handle of a hairbrush, the thicker the better, put a condom on it, and use it as a dildo. If the handle isn't a perfect cylinder it's even better because you can rotate it inside you to put pressure on different places. I like to lie on my back in the bathtub, stick the handle in, and turn the water on so it hits my clit. When my pussy gets too wet and slippery that the hairbrush starts to slide out, scoot forward a little and the front wall of the bathtub will push it back in.

Space Cadet
I like to lie on my bed with my legs in the air and spread wide open. Usually, I prop my legs against the headboard .I rub my clit gently in a circular motion, getting more and more intense as I get more and more horny. When I start to get really aroused, I use my legs to thrust my lower torso into the air, up and off of the mattress. The orgasm is so great because you feel like you're defying gravity.

Pool Party
If you have a pool or hot tub, get in front of one of the jets or blowers and spread your legs as far as you can. Get kinda far from it and let it hit your clit and slowly begin to go closer to the jet. The closer you get the more intense the stimulation. You cum pretty quickly so I normally do it a few times .It feels so great. I usually stay in front of mine when the whole time I am in my pool.

Slip and Slide
I like to straddle the edge of the bath tub with one leg inside the tub and one out, while slowly rocking back and forth, if you get the edge wet first too it works even better and it gives you a great feeling of slippery wetness that sends drives yours senses wild. It also makes great suction noises and can make you cum right away.

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